Welcome to my website.

My name is Erik Zevenbergen
Security Officer, Senior Project Manager/-Program Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach and Entrepreneur.

I enjoy the more complex projects and environments, or to reboot projects and get them running smoothly again.
The most experience I have in Cyber Security, IT, Digital Strategy and tenders, but also in Business Development, Mergers, Marketing & Sales, Customer Services, Shared Service Centers, HR and Finance and Control.

All in the following sectors: NGO, Telecommunications, Energy, Housing Associations, Healthcare, Leisure, Catering and Hospitality, Business Services and Public Transport.

What others say about me
“Enthusiastic, motivating, realistically optimistic, decisive, pragmatic,
persevering and result-oriented”.

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I am also the founder of (February 1996).

Focus on growth of welfare and prosperity.

Growth is maximal if all necessary growth conditions are met.
– loosely based upon Liebig’s law – contributes to growth as much as possible.
Knowledge and experience move between apprentices, students, starting entrepreneurs, partners and, to be used for (personal) growth.